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In 1988, Renault launched the Renault 19 in place of R9 and R11, the F8M 1.6 D developing 55 bhp diesel engine of its predecessors is not powerful enough to equip the heavier R19, Renault changes the race and bore of 1.6 D, to obtain 1870 cm3 (1.9 D) which will give rise to F8Q developing 65 hp. This engine will also equip engine eventually the Clio 1, Clio 2 Express (Rapid / Extra), R21, Kangoo, Megane 1 and Traffic 1. A deflated version producing 55 Ch din will appear in the 90s. The problems keep F8Q heads and heads of seals F8M second generation.

End of 1988, a turbocharged version of the 1.9 D is sold on the R19, the engine will F8QT engine types, it will develop 95 HP din. It will also equip Megane 1, and the Volvo 440, Volvo 460, Volvo S40 and V40.
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